Principal’s Message


 September 2022

 A message from your Principal:


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! I am thrilled to welcome all students and families back for another exciting year of learning at Sacred Heart. I hope that summer has been good to you and your family and that your children are coming back excited to learn with their class and teacher. Upon arrival on the first day of school, our staff will help your child/children find and meet their class and teacher. Everyone here is excited to welcome your children back to Sacred Heart!

The past two years have brought us unique challenges and our students have grown stronger and more resilient in the face of these challenges. We will continue to develop your children’s strength, resilience, and Faith on their learning journey as we prepare them for the road ahead.

Our goal is for this school year to be filled with rigorous and meaningful learning journeys for every child. We look forward to re-engaging academic tutors as part of our program as the Ministry of Education has offered this support once again. We are all excited at Sacred Heart with the prospect of returning to sports, clubs, music, athletics and field trips as these experiences add to the magic of learning and school.

We so value the home and parent partnerships that are part of the learning and work that we do here at Sacred Heart every school year. I want to thank parents for helping so much over the last two years when we had to pivot to remote learning. At Sacred Heart, we also deeply value communication between home and school. I encourage everyone to follow our “Week at a Glance” that Ms. Long, our Office Assistant, sends out via email. Please consider following Sacred Heart on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions or concerns with your child’s learning or class or any aspect of their experience at Sacred Heart, please reach out to your child’s teacher or myself, your school principal. At Sacred Heart, we all seek to make every child’s learning experience a positive one such that they want to return to each morning.

In June of 2022, we returned to Sacred Heart Church for our first school-wide Mass in nearly two years. We look forward to returning to this tradition with Fr. Ross and Deacon Wayne again this year. As always, we will work to strengthen our connection between Parish, School and Home through the development of our Faith and Catholic practices. This year we plan to return to a monthly assembly on the last Friday afternoon of the month to celebrate our Faith, our school community, and a new Catholic Virtue each month. Each class will have an opportunity to lead one of these Friday afternoon assemblies. Finally, we will look for opportunities for all students to be part of our Faith In Action Team or FIAT. One of the key ways we involve everyone is in our annual food drive for the North Huron Community Food Share which will take place in late November and December. This is an awesome opportunity for every student to feel a part of a larger community and to support the vulnerable among us.

I hope and pray that this year is a wonderful year for every child in our school. Once again, I am so pleased to welcome everyone back to a new and exciting school year at Sacred Heart!


Welcome back!


Dan Bodkin

Principal of Sacred Heart Catholic School