Principal’s Message


 September 2020

 A message from your Principal:

Welcome back to a very different “back to school” this year! While this year may be different due to precautions and restrictions due to the pandemic, one thing that is always true, is that children are excited and nervous about the Fall return to school. We will do everything we can to make your children feel safe, comfortable, and welcome within the framework of our safe reopening guidelines. And we will do all of this in a Christ-centered environment that will prepare your children to not only be good citizens, but good Christian citizens.

As part of our safe return to school, we have adopted many new practices and protocols. Our classes are now separated into zones at recess to help maintain these separate class cohorts. As soon as children exit the bus or their parent’s car in the morning, they are directed to where they can join their class in their zone. Primary children (JK, SK, Gr. 1, Gr. 1/2) will have zones A, B, C, and D and will rotate once every week. Older Children (Gr 3/4, 4/5, 7, and 8) will have zones E, F, G, H, and I and they will rotate on a daily basis. We hope that this strikes a nice balance allowing students to be familiar with their zones, and yet have enough interesting things to do during recess. We have also purchased a number of new playground items to keep kids busy and physically active while at recess: ladder ball, corn hole, portable volleyball nets, soccer nets have been ordered, and we have delivered a sandpit for most zones. Our goal is to make this unusual school return also as much fun as possible for students while out on their recess breaks.

Our afternoon dismissal will seem just a little bit different as we will dismiss students from their respective classrooms directly to their buses to maintain the integrity of the class cohorts as much as possible. Students who are picked up or who walk home will also leave directly from their respective classrooms then go straight to their walk or ride home with no end-of-the-day recess. Again, our goal here is to maintain our goal of keeping cohorts separated from the start to the end of the day.

Please know also that all classrooms will be utilizing a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Google Classroom. This online classroom is used for day-to-day learning at school and at home, but it is also there should we need to pivot to another delivery model or should a student have to self-isolate for some time.

We are lucky to have brought back many of the teachers and support staff who were with us just before the pandemic and fortunately we are fully staffed. We look forward to supporting your child on their academic and Faith journey as they travel through the days and weeks and months ahead in the 2020-2021 school year.

Thank you for choosing Sacred Heart and thank you for choosing Catholic Education,

Dan Bodkin


Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School, Wingham