Principal’s Message

September 2019

Dear Members of our Sacred Heart School Community:

Welcome back to another exciting school year at Sacred Heart Catholic School, Wingham! We began our school year with the opening of our new yard and playground. After many years of planning and fundraising by our School’s Parent Council, and with a generous budget infusion from the School Board and our Trustees, we were able to complete our new yard with a basketball court/road hockey area, a big new playground, and a shed. The children were on the new playground from the very first day of school on the first recess and the reviews have been great ever since!

Our wonderful Father Morrison has already been into the school several times to visit students who are in sacramental preparation for either First Reconciliation/First Holy Communion or Confirmation. We will celebrate Mass with Fr. Morrison at our first School Mass on Wednesday, Sept. 18th followed with regular monthly School Masses. Each Monday, we begin our day at Sacred Heart with a whole-school Prayer Service. In the Monday Prayer Service, we read the Gospel and say prayer intentions, and sing our national anthem. We use these Prayer Services to set the expectations for our students by talking about how they should treat other as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Finally, we will continue to have high expectations for all our students because we believe that every child can learn. To support enhanced learning, we have two concentrated learning blocks of 100 minutes before lunch so that students and teachers/staff can focus intensely on literacy and numeracy. Please consider sending extra snacks for your child as lunch is now at 12:25 p.m. Students will have at least two snack breaks before they get to lunchtime. We are confident in our students’ ability to learn and we are doing everything to optimize their learning environments.

God Bless and thank you for choosing Catholic Education,

Dan Bodkin


Sacred Heart Catholic School, Wingham  ​